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buy bitcoins

In this tutorial, you will learn how to buy cryptocurrency (Bitcoins) the easiest way possible and earn $10 for free.

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Click on the following Link to access Coinbase. Here you can create a (bank)account. You need to fill in your name, your email and create a password. This link is very important to earn $10. If you want more information about Coinbase and the $10, click on the button bellow.

Buying cryptocurrency (Bitcoins, Etherium, Litcoins,…) is not as easy as putting your money on the bank. Luckily there are multiple ways to buy coins. Coinbase is one of those ways. You don’t need to know anything about cryptocurrency, mining,… You only put your money on Coinbase and benefits of the increase of your money. Coinbase is like a bankaccount but with a greater interest rate. You can buy Bitcoins, Etherium and Litcoins through Coinbase.

You will get $10 of Bitcoins for free because I have an Coinbase-account, and if I invite people to open a Coinbase-account, you will get $10 for free as welcome gift.

Complete account

Before buying Bitcoins, you’ll need to confirm you’re email address.

After confirmation, you have to complete your account. Just like a bankaccount, you need to confirm who you are (you’re age, nationality, address,…). After adding your ID, you can add your phone number (click on "more information"). The last step before completing your account is adding a bankcard or bank account.

It is important that Coinbase knows who you are before you can buy Bitcoins. They need your ID just like a real bank needs your ID.

Adding a phonenumber increases the safety of your account. Before you can access your account, you’ll need to enter a verification code received on your mobile device.

If you want to buy cryptocurrency you’ll need to add a credit card or a bank account.

Buy Bitcoins

Now that your account is complete, you can start buying cryptocurrency. Therefore, you have to go to the menu “Buy/sell”. Here you can choose to buy Bitcoins, Etherium or Litcoins.

On the dashboard tab, you can find the market caps and charts of Bitcoins, Etherium and Litcoins. You can also find your money there.

You can only buy or sell $390 each week. If you buy more coins, this limit will increase so you can put more (or extract more) money each week.

Get $10 for free

To get $10 of bitcoins for free, you need to do a transaction (buy coins) for $100. Coinbase takes 4% on each transaction because they secure your money.

There are a lot of online-banks like Coinbase, but Coinbase is the most known and secure bank for buying Bitcoins. Other banks also have a higher fee (more than 4%) on each transaction.